Alvarenga Marques (Al.Ma.) jest portugalską artystką zajmującą się malarstwem. Urodziła się w Mozambiku, gdzie spędziła dzieciństwo. Dyplom z zakresu malarstwa otrzymała w 1992 na Uniwersytecie Sztuk Pięknych w Porto. Brała udział w wielu wystawach zbiorowych w Portugalii, Niemczech, Brazylii, Francji, Hiszpanii i w Kanadzie. Otrzymała za swoje prace wiele nagród i wyróżnień.

wystawy indywidualne

2015 – „Higher than the Sun III” – Arte & Cultura - Quinta da Boeira – V.N. Gaia – PORTUGAL
2013 – „Higher than the Sun II” – 57Artgallery – Viana do Castelo – PORTUGAL
2012 – „Higher than the sun” – Trindade Gallery – Porto – PORTUGAL
2007 – „Till the sun turns black” – Trindade Gallery – Porto – PORTUGAL
2004 – “Screens of memory” – Trindade Gallery – Porto – PORTUGAL
2002 – „Always on my mind” – OM Gallery – Penafiel – PORTUGAL
2000 – „Submerso” - Epicentro/Arte & Produções Culturais – Porto – PORTUGAL
1999 – „Em Terra de Cego” - OM Gallery – Penafiel – PORTUGAL
1998 – „Tons Férteis” – Municipal Gallery – Matosinhos – PORTUGAL


2004 – III Fine Arts Prize-Baviera Sec.XXI – Museum of Cerveira Biennial – V.N.Cerveira – PORTUGAL
2003 – Special Recognition – All Media. Painting III – Period Gallery – Omaha/Nebraska – U.S.A.
2002 – 1st Etching Prize – 7º Salón Internacional Mercosur Diogenes Taborda/ Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA; Prize show (artisti finalisti) – „IT ART 2002”: 4th Mini Graphic & Painting World Wide Show – Chiesa di S. Maria Della Spina – Pisa – ITALY
2000 – Acquisition Prize (Magna Artis) – Artistas.Gondomar – Auditório Municipal/Gondomar – PORTUGAL
1994 – Revelation Prize – IV Bienal de Gravura – Fábrica da Cultura/Amadora – PORTUGAL

prace w kolekcjach

Fundação AMI – AMIarte – Porto – PORTUGAL
Baviera, S.A. Grupo Salvador Caetano – V. N. Gaia – PORTUGAL
Volpe Stessens Foundation – Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA
Museum of Portugal Bank – Lisboa – PORTUGAL
Municipal Town Hall – Matosinhos – PORTUGAL
Portuguese Cultural Center – S. TOMÉ E PRÍNCIPE

AlMa comes from a generation of artists that has chosen, facing a saturated visual world, the appropriation and recycling of several images from varied sources, for the last twenty, thirty years. Yet, her inclusion in this group is controversial, since instead of the usual method of unconditional stealing of references, historic quotations and the respective recycling giving rise to a scattering of the meaning, her case has been revealing a restricted idiosyncratic orientation. That Alma wants us to be enraptured by this childhood world seems to be, in the very act, her aim. Though it clearly shows, at first sight, a good imitation of the compulsory childish trend to write and paint on inappropriate surfaces, the author's vandalism, only apparently innocent, goes obviously even farther. In this fluid, transparent and theatrical space, an interaction of mutual influence, either graphic or plastic, reveals itself – between the background pulsation (staging reality) and the overlapped drawings (paradigmatic of the childish imaginary). From this agitation an expressive strength of a nostalgic, metaphysic and a kind of lost time atmosphere appears. About her process the artist says: „I like to play with images and establish tensions, to focus attention from some icons by opposition to others. At the present, I frequently use images like pop stars or very recognized objects in comparison with others less recognized, like typical, regional or tribal ones. Sometimes this context creates a bizarre and an unexpected environment that I intend to catch the observer and lead him to wonder. I broach the subject of playful mood, and use scrawls to demarcate the territory that represents my imagination”.


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